The Chemistry of Cacao

Cultures once swore by the medicinal value of cacao, naming it the "food of the gods", as it was believed to restore balance and connection to the divine.

Fast forward 700 years, science has since proven that cacao is one of the elite superfoods, packed with some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables on the planet.

Cacao contains potent plant compounds, like Theobromine, found in the cacao bean husk, that deliver a broad spectrum of health benefits ranging from reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, boosting energy, and amping up focus and concentration.

All Chocolate Is Not Created Equal

Our cacao is an antioxidant boosting powerhouse all on it’s own. Cacao refers to the seed of a tropical fruit tree, of which all chocolate is grown. Unfortunately, most chocolate is roasted at high temperatures and heavily processed, with added dairy, bleached sugar, and preservatives - basically rendering it devoid of nutrients. However, Lore stays loyal to the plants, leaving our cacao in it's natural, raw state, allowing it to hold it's nutritional value and its superfood status, topping the chart as one of the highest antioxidant fruits on the planet.