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Maxwell Parish
Huge Athletic Gains!

I've been taking Double Chocolate for the last 6 weeks consecutively and have noticed enormous benefits with my running workouts and overall performance. I rarely feel gassed after a hard practice on the track and I recover more quickly post workout. But, the taste is also worth mentioning - it's UNREAL and has become my new chocolate fix!

Hope Parish
I'm hooked!

This is my new favorite go to for my midday energy zing, it also happens to be my new favorite chocolate. Who knew mushrooms and chocolate could be a thing? Thank you!!!

Lore Mighty Mushroom Chocolates take Cordyceps to the next level!

I am genuinely blown away by how I feel after taking or rather enjoying these delicious chocolatey treats infused with a high dose of Cordyceps, the energy mushroom. I'm smiling as I share how decadent and powerful they are.

They provide such noticeable bursts of energy that they have become my go-to AM and mid-afternoon pick-me-up! I no longer crave that afternoon cup of coffee; I have a Lore chocolate! If you've been looking for a natural energy boost, you will be so happy you discovered Lore!

Rachel BassGuennewig
I can be a responsible adult in the afternoon!

The Double Chocolate give me sustainable energy throughout the day so that I am still able to be a responsible adult in the early afternoon. I feel steady energy and not a frenetic or scattered energy like caffeine. My 13 year old has one at lunchtime so that she doesn't just drop after school. It works well enough to notice, but not so dramatically that you have any regret... like the iced coffee you will regret at 2 a.m.!

✓ Vegan✓ Paleo✓ 100% Organic✓ Regeneratively Farmed✓ 72% Dark Cacao✓ Mycelium-Free✓ 100% Fruiting Body Mushroom