We work for the plants.

Our story begins with awe and admiration for what mushrooms can do for our bodies and the environment. Mushrooms have existed on this planet for millions of years, holding significant cultural and spiritual significance in various traditions and folklore for centuries, fostering connections between people and nature. As one of the oldest organisms on Earth, mushrooms play essential roles in maintaining ecological balance, supporting biodiversity, and contributing to sustainable agriculture while offering myriad health benefits that science continues to uncover.

The Result?

A delicious chocolate blend infused with organic ingredients, making it the first chocolate supplement to offer over 2,000mg of fruiting body mushroom extract in one of the purest chocolates on the planet. Our superfood blend of raw cacao and adaptogenic mushrooms harnesses plants’ power to deliver exceptional nutritional benefits, making them ideal for any diet or lifestyle. Ready to eat for our fast-paced lives, our chocolate will become a beloved daily ritual, offering indulgence without compromise.